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Wrong Way Slip Detection System

Few scenarios on the road can be more dangerous than a driver travelling the wrong way down a slip road into oncoming traffic.

If drivers have missed the static no entry signage and are travelling towards oncoming traffic, our wrong way slip detection system will detect them and trigger a vehicle activated warning sign.

These signs are more attention grabbing than static signs as they light up and flash, making them hard to miss. Once a driver notices them, they quickly realise their error and turn around before entering the main carriageway at the end of the slip.

The activation of the signs can also be linked to the control centre, speeding up response times to any potential incident.

Key Benefits

  • Highly effective at stopping drivers in their tracks and turning them around
  • Low-cost solution that uses solar-power, meaning it is suitable for remote locations
  • The data captured by the system allows road operators to establish the extent of the issue and invest further if needed


Wrong Way Slip Detection System

Wrong Way Slip Detection System Products