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Improve Predictability: the future's getting clearer

Although we can't tell the future for you, we can help you make more than educated guesses about the activity on your network.

Roadside traffic monitoring technology provides critical real-time data that can yield real insight into traffic flows, current journey times, early signs of traffic build-up and this intelligence, if used correctly, can influence road users on their route selection, timing and mode of travel. For traffic operations centre staff, this real-time traffic data is the lifeblood of the system that helps you understand how well the network is operating and how and where you need to intervene in order to avoid serious disruption or congestion and keep traffic moving.

Making journeys more predictable is not about making an individual journey as fast as it can be, it is about making journeys across the network consistent day in and day out. It’s about using journey time data from roadside devices to provide you with key information to optimise traffic flow across the network and allow you to respond quickly to any challenges that may compromise the smooth flow of traffic.

So whether it is journey time monitoring systems (JTMS), technology that tells you the utilisation of network capacity and volume of traffic you are seeing, systems that enable you to adjust the phasing of traffic signals according to the pattern of demand you are seeing across the network or even intelligence about the availability of parking spaces at peak times in key locations, traffic monitoring helps users to make informed decisions about their journeys and empowers you to build a complete picture to optimise the use of your infrastructure to make journeys more predictable.

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