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Journey Time Monitoring

Timing is everything

Congestion is one of the biggest challenges on our road networks today. Journey time monitoring systems (JTMS) for set routes enables traffic managers to spot potential traffic build-up. Fluctuation in journey time is a strong indicator of a traffic problem, prompting further investigation of the local network and timely intervention.

Journey Time Monitoring System (JTMS)

Improve Predictability

Journey time monitoring systems (JTMS) are an important tool for drivers and traffic managers alike, providing insight into current and future road activity, to help with forward planning.

Data to go

We capture and display real-time journey time intelligence that can be fed directly to road users via roadside variable message signs, websites and mobile apps. The data enables drivers to make informed decisions, taking the efficiency and predictability of their onward journeys into their own hands.

When to take action

This same intelligence is used by traffic managers to highlight early signs of possible congestion. By comparing flows and journey times at various points along a route with the typical patterns at the same time of day, you can quickly determine whether there are any issues worth investigating. If so, it's a cue to take advantage of local CCTV coverage, check incident reports or deploy available traffic officers to the area.

Your early investigation will identify additional measures you need to take, to divert traffic or spread the load across the local area. This could involve informing road users to help avert, or at least minimise, any congestion, making journeys smoother and more predictable.

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Transform Behaviour

The right journey time intelligence is indispensable to both drivers and traffic managers. It provides both with the information they need to make better decisions, easing traffic flow with minimal intervention.

Power to the people

Journey time intelligence can be delivered directly to the road user via variable message signage, or through secondary systems such as mobile apps, websites or radio traffic bulletins. By monitoring journey times and dispersing the information, you empower road users. You provide them with the right information so they can choose how to best plan or complete their onward journey.

Looking for patterns

This same real-time journey intelligence is an incredibly powerful tool in the arsenal of the traffic manager looking for abnormalities that could extend journeys unnecessarily. Over time, you can build up a very robust comprehension of how traffic flows through your network at different points in time. Further, you'll understand how challenges such as road traffic incidents will affect the flow in the surrounding area. Journey time intelligence informs your actions, helping you determine what measures to deploy to smooth those flows and minimise disruption.

Reduce Congestion

For both drivers and traffic managers, journey time monitoring systems (JTMS) are a useful resource for managing congestion and making life easier.

Choose a new route

Delivering real-time journey intelligence to your road users empowers them to make informed decisions about the best route to take in the face of congestion. This eases pressure on congested roads as drivers make better choices. It also reduces frustration, keeping tempers calmer and minimising risk of further incidents.

Back to normality

With real-time information about the network at your fingertips, you can quickly identify any unexpected changes to the speed or volume of traffic, and respond accordingly. In many cases, short-term measures such as altering the phasing of traffic signals in the surrounding areas can be enough to help traffic disperse and quickly return the flow normal.

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