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Route Safety

Enhance safety where accidents are most likely to happen.

Route safety solutions positively influence driver behaviour to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. Strong visual guidance alerts drivers to potential hazards in the road ahead and equips them with information to help them stay in the correct road position to avoid incidents. Whether the problem is on a country road or at a busy roundabout, we have a range of solutions at our disposal that, when combined effectively, will significantly reduce the risk to drivers on your network.

Solutions that improve safety for drivers at dangerous junctions

Enhance Safety

Junctions pose a greater threat to driver safety than straight roads—they are there to allow traffic to merge and drivers to change direction. This will inevitably lead to dangers. Drivers can be unaware of traffic joining the road ahead or stationary traffic in their path caused by vehicles turning. Other road users pose a threat when a lack of understanding of how to navigate a junction causes them to drive erratically.

Such dangerous scenarios can be mitigated with dedicated solutions designed to improve junction safety. Visual guidance placed directly in a driver’s natural line of sight will alert them to changes in the road layout ahead and when they are approaching junctions connecting to their path. Similarly, signage that alerts drivers to hazards in the road ahead will equip them with the warning they need to stay out of harm’s way.

Reduce Congestion

Accidents are much more likely when drivers aren’t equipped with the information they need to navigate a route safely. Even a minor incident can have a major impact on your network. The resulting delays frustrate road users, place extra strain on the surrounding network, and cost the local authority dearly to clear the area and ensure the road is safe again. All of this can be avoided by actively addressing the areas causing these incidents.

Intelligent road marking solutions can be used to guide users around a roundabout, encouraging drivers to stay in the correct lane. When used in an accident blackspot such measures can help dramatically reduce congestion in the immediate area and surrounding road network.

Clearview Intelligence active road markings can similarly reduce congestion by alerting drivers to the presence of traffic joining their lane or of approaching junctions. Making drivers aware of potential hazards can dramatically reduce the number of incidents, which in turn, reduces congestion across your network.

Transform Behaviour

As drivers, we are presented with ever increasing amounts of information. With so much information available it can be challenging to give it the attention it deserves, especially on frequently travelled routes where driving can become more automatic. Intelligent solutions that alert drivers only when a real threat is posed mean drivers do not become complacent to the signage and take action when they see it.

Highly visible hazard warning solutions which alert and slow road users as they approach built-up areas or hazardous junctions are extremely effective in transforming behaviour, as are intelligent solutions that respond in real-time to the presence of other vehicles posing a threat to oncoming traffic.

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