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Level Crossing Safety

Risk reduction

Safety is the number one issue for Network Rail Route Crime Managers. Level crossings are a safety risk to be managed for road users, pedestrians, cyclists, train passengers and railway personnel. When risk levels are too high, quick action is needed to restore safety around level crossings for all parties.

Alert drivers to level crossings with LED road studs

Enhance Safety

Level crossings occur wherever the railway line intersects public roads, private access roads, and pedestrian or cycle paths. They operate on the opposite principles to road crossings: rather than the crossing stopping the train so that other traffic can cross the line, all other traffic is halted to allow the train to continue unhindered.

Keep clear

It's vital that level crossings are kept clear of hazards as trains approach. Road users can be unfamiliar with level crossing locations and when they happen across them. It's important to highlight the potential dangers to ensure that they cross the line at the right point, and only when it is safe to do so.

Light it up

Our solutions enable you to improve level crossing safety by providing a highly visible warning of the level crossing on approach, good lighting of the surrounding area, illuminated signage and clear delineation of the area in which it is safe to cross the railway line. This visual intelligence heightens awareness to pedestrians, cyclists and road users alike, ensuring you are providing robust guidance where needed without the need for additional infrastructure. And being solar powered, Clearview Intelligence level crossing safety solutions are perfect for remote areas, or any location in which access to mains electricity is difficult or impossible.

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