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Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signals (MIDAS)

Early warning signs

Motorways see many tens of thousands of vehicle movements every day; congestion is almost inevitable. It leads to significant delays, disruption and driver frustration, and can even reduce productivity in a given area.

Motorway Incident Detection and Automated Signalling (MIDAS) systems keep highways managers aware of traffic flow with constant monitoring across these vital routes. MIDAS spots early warning signs of traffic build-up and intervenes early to reduce the risk of serious congestion.

Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling (MIDAS) systems keep drivers safe on the SRN

Improve Predictability

Journey predictability is vital to the British economy, any action highways managers can take to improve flow provides both direct and indirect return on investment.

Time is money

Since so much of our daily commercial traffic relies on the country's major highways, highways managers do everything they can to keep the network running smoothly. Every hour of delay on the motorway network reduces productivity and costs a significant amount of money to individuals, businesses and the economy of the area.

Continuous intelligence

Our wireless detection solution is a durable and reliable way to detect vehicles in the carriageway. The detector delivers real-time traffic flow intelligence to the MIDAS (Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling) system, resolving issues automatically. The result: reduced congestion and better predictability for the UK's commercial road users.

Incident detection enabled through vehicle detection for MIDAS

Enhance Safety


Safety is the primary concern on the UK’s motorway network. Vehicles travel at high speeds and it only takes a single vehicle to behave erratically or lose control to bring part of that network to a halt. Empowering highways managers with prior intelligence, when traffic starts to build up or behave abnormally, kickstarts preventative action before a major or minor incident occurs.


Our wireless detection solution feeds traffic flow data directly into existing MIDAS control systems, so you can analyse continuously and monitor when the "normal" flow of traffic changes. When abnormal behaviour is detected, highways managers can deploy traffic officers or use local cameras to determine the cause and assess what further action is needed to ensure road users' safety. By acting on this intelligence promptly, you can smooth the flow of traffic in the area, offer alternative routes or change phasing patterns as traffic is injected into the network.

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