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Data and analysis that helps road operators make informed decisions

Managing the flow of traffic around your network is crucial to combat congestion and manage the increasing volumes of traffic.

Traffic flow monitoring solutions provide data and analysis to help traffic managers, road maintenance contractors and even road users make informed judgements and better decisions.

With accurate traffic flow data, you can identify problem areas on the network, implement solutions and understand how effective they are. Sharing this intelligence with road users keeps them informed of delays and the best route to take, which reduces driver frustration and improves journeys for all road users.

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Journey Time Monitoring Application

Use crowdsourced data to monitor journey times without the cost and the hassle of deploying physical infrastructure

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Wireless Vehicle Detection System

A cost-effective alternative to inductive loops for the detection of vehicles at signalised junctions and in route safety solutions

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Cycle Detection System

Detect cycles at signalised junctions so you can allow them to navigate the junction safely

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Traffic Flow Monitoring System

Capture the accurate and reliable traffic flow data you need to receive payment as part of your DBFO contract

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Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling (MIDAS) 

Utilise wireless vehicle detection technology as a viable and cost-effective alternative to inductive loops or above ground radar.

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Light trails on a motorway; part of the strategic road network

Ramp Metering System

Inject traffic onto a busy motorway at the right time to avoid incidents and keep traffic flowing.

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Parking Guidance System

Once you know where the free parking spaces in your car park are, you are able to guide car park users directly to the nearest free space

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Car Park Monitoring System

From individual parking bays, to zonal counts, to whole car park capacity, our monitoring solutions are as granular as you need them to be.

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Case Studies

Journey Time Thumbnail

Journey Time Monitoring for the Tyne Tunnels

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Wireless vehicle detection as an alternative for inductive loops

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Traffic lights on the Central Scotland Motorway Network

Improved journey times along the motorway network

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