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Working with operators, we can provide parking solutions that highlight patterns of use, demonstrating when peak and quiet periods can be expected. This insight can guide optimum staffing levels or provide charging flexibility.

For large corporate, health and higher education car parks, access to predictions or even live-feed information about capacity makes a huge difference to staff and visitors alike. It enables them to plan journey times, make alternate working arrangements, find available spaces quickly and commute to a schedule that works best for them.

When parking is offered with limited dwell times, our car park solution allows operators to monitor these and send an officer to move people on only when they have exceeded the allowed time.

Key Benefits

  • Understand how your car park is being used at all times of the day so you can make informed decisions about how you manage this valuable asset
  • Empower users of your car park to make better decisions by sharing capacity information with them before they set off

Car Park Monitoring System Products

Case studies

M300 Guildford 1 Sm

Monitoring Town Centre Parking in Guildford

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Cantebury Parking

Optimising car park usage in Canterbury

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“Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council are very pleased with the car park system which will significantly reduce the volume of waiting cars and will help to reduce congestion in the city. This solution will also please the public who will be directed to car parks where they can be confident that there will be available spaces. We are very pleased by the professionalism used by Clearview Intelligence to deliver this cost effective solution.”

John Fincher

Kent Highways Services

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