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Making sure that cyclists are recognised, and that traffic flows are adjusted to account for their presence, is key to keeping cyclists safe at busy traffic interchanges.

Our cycle detection system detects cycles as part of complete traffic flows and feeds this intelligence directly into traffic signal control systems. Timing and phasing of traffic signals can be adjusted accordingly, significantly enhancing junction safety. This makes cyclists visible to other traffic and ensures safe, fair passage for all road users.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate and reliable bicycle detection that detects all types of bicycle
  • Quick and easy to install with minimal disruption while still being vandalism proof
  • Lower cost installation compared to loop-based solutions

Cycle Detection System Products

Case studies

Cs29 Bournemouth Crop

Bicycle detection in Dorset

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Oxford Road Cycle Path Thumbnail

Cycle Path Delineation on Oxford Road

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“The installation ran very smoothly and the help from Clearview staff was extremely good especially when we were learning to use the system.”

Selwyn Williams
Survey Manager
Doreset County Council

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