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Motorway Incident Detection and Automated Signalling (MIDAS) systems keep highways managers aware of traffic flow with constant monitoring across these vital routes. MIDAS spots early warning signs of traffic build-up and intervenes to reduce the risk of serious congestion.

A traditional MIDAS system uses inductive loops in each lane to monitor the flow of traffic on the road. Our MIDAS system simply replaces these loops with the M100 Sensor installed in the centre of each lane.

As there is no requirement to slot cut when installing M100 Sensors as opposed to loops, road surface life is prolonged, reducing remedial work on MIDAS detection equipment. Installation time is significantly improved (each sensor installed within 10-15 minutes) and, as sensors are installed in the centre of each lane, can be installed one lane at a time, minimising the number of road closures or disruption on key route networks.

Key Benefits

  • Less disruption to road users as sensors are installed far more quickly and can be done one lane at a time.
  • Risk to road users is greatly reduced by the quicker installation process
  • Accuracy is equivalent to inductive loops, providing the same level of safety benefit to road users, with less of the hassle

Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling (MIDAS)  Products

Case studies

M25 J30 Traffic Lights M100 Thumbnail

Wireless vehicle detection in MOVA installation aids traffic flow at Junction 30 of the M25

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Wireless vehicle detection as an alternative for inductive loops

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“On a scheme as big and important as the M8 improvement programme it is essential to choose the right partners and ensure the technology is fit for purpose. Dynniq has worked with Clearview for many years and we had no worries in using the M100 detection units to work with our traffic signals. As ever, our close working relationship ensured that installation and commissioning work went as smoothly as possible across all of the junctions.”

Maurice Coll
Service Manager – Urban North,
Dynniq UK Ltd

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