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Wireless vehicle detection uses sensors to detect the presence of vehicles. Our wireless system provides a direct alternative to the original technology of inductive loops.

Accurate vehicle detection underpins adaptive traffic signal control systems such as SCOOT and MOVA, which offer great advances in the way that individual junctions and whole networks can be optimised, working together to smooth the flow of traffic across an area.

By deploying wireless vehicle detection technology, you eliminate the need for costly ducting and trenching normally associated with the use of more invasive technology such as inductive loops. The urban traffic control systems still receive the same quality intelligence about demand on each junction of the network. And, with an installation method that can deploy or upgrade whole junctions in hours rather than days, the overall disruptive impact is much reduced, not forgetting the significant the cost savings and workforce safety benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced installation cost with no need for ducting and trenching
  • Quicker to install than inductive loops, reducing the risk to road workers and the disruption to residents
  • Preserve the integrity of the road surface using a single sensor, installed in the centre of the carriageway

Case studies

M25 J30 Traffic Lights M100 Thumbnail

Wireless vehicle detection in MOVA installation aids traffic flow at Junction 30 of the M25

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Traffic lights showing access point mounted above

Route safety with traffic signals and VAS

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“Using wireless vehicle detection instead of inductive loops proved an ideal solution to the complex challenge we were facing. The system has proven to be more reliable and resistant to traffic from heavy goods vehicles. It was also quick to install; causing minimal disruption to road users and residents.”

Darren Sleight
Traffic Signals Engineer
Staffordshire County Council

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