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A smart approach to optimising parking

Car parking capacity is a valuable asset: even more so when it's being used efficiently. The right intelligence, gathered in the right way, informs measures that promote efficient usage of car parks—to the benefit of both drivers and operators.

Monitoring parking space availability in real-time and sharing that information directly with your users via strategically placed Variable Message Signs on the local road network, via mobile apps or websites gives your users advanced information about the choices they can make to complete their journey and decide where they are most likely to get a space without playing the normal game of chance and gambling as to where they can go.

Eliminating this frantic and often frustrating search drive around different car parks ensures that your employees and visitors arrive in the best frame of mind. Whether they are going to work, visiting local sites or attending a meeting, having to aimlessly circle the car park in search of a space is guaranteed to result in a negative frame of mind and not the best experience or perception for the user. In contrast, being guided directly towards the nearest available space, saving time and fuel, will reduce frustration for the users of your car park. Our car parking optimisation solutions do just this.

It’s not only those looking for a space who benefit. At any one time, typically 30% of city or town centre traffic is made up of drivers looking to park. This has a significant impact on road network capacity and traffic flow. Local authorities need to use all measures to reduce congestion and businesses risk damage to their reputation if they are seen to be bringing traffic to a local area.

Anyone running a large parking operation can benefit from the insight and intelligence our solutions provide. The intelligence gathered from your car parks can help to optimise the use and further development of the car park. For example, understanding patterns of behaviour can help inform charging policies (in paid parking), or can influence flexible working practices where parking is in short supply.

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