Parking Optimisation

Finding space

Our solutions illuminate usage patterns to help car park operators get the very best from their facilities. With the right data at your fingertips, you can take action to improve parking efficiency. Reduced congestion and quicker space-finding hold benefits for all kinds of operators, from local authorities to private parking operators and retail centres. Happier shoppers, calmer more punctual employees, and better overall use of capacity.

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Improve Predictability

We know that access to clear intelligence around a car park's usage brings many benefits to operators and local business owners.

Resources in the right places

Working with operators, we can provide parking solutions that highlight patterns of use, demonstrating when retailers can expect peak and quiet periods. This insight can guide optimum staffing levels and even contribute to planning stock availability for peak shopping times.

Growth metrics

Our powerful Insight™ software can also be used as a data resource in the planning cycle, when expanding or opening new retail stores. Thanks to its excellent reporting capabilities, you can gain a detailed insight into fluctuating traffic flows and parking requirements: crucial input for future planning.

Empowered parking

For large corporate car parks, access to predictions or even live-feed information about capacity makes a huge difference to staff. It enables them to plan alternate working arrangements, find available spaces quickly and commute to a schedule that works best for them. Our parking solutions integrate seamlessly with variable message signs (VMS) to provide real-time information to drivers on arrival. Guest parking can also be pre-allocated, minimising frustration, saving time, and helping business relations to run as smoothly as possible.

Transform Behaviour

Time spent driving around a busy car park is time that can be spent elsewhere: shopping, working, starting meetings on schedule. Parking intelligence is an increasingly useful tool for car park operators keen to influence behaviour for the benefit of drivers, retailers and employers alike.

A good sign

Our parking bay sensors and software systems can be integrated with variable message signage (VMS) to display real-time capacity information, so parking operators can guide drivers quickly to available spaces. Drivers will reach their destination in a relaxed frame of mind, potentially resulting in increased consumer spending, heightened staff satisfaction levels and improved productivity.

Don't hang about

Clearer guidance gets cars into spaces more quickly, reducing the amount of time spent searching with a positive impact on traffic pollution. Operators of short-stay parking, such as airports or park and ride facilities, are using our parking solutions to help them change driver behaviour. Our parking solutions can monitor short-stay areas like drop-off points, record entry and exit times and flag up overstay behaviour. Appropriate action can then be taken to reduce overstay incidents for the benefit of all users.

Reduce Congestion

The faster drivers find spaces, the faster they're off the road, freeing up space and easing congestion. Time spent driving around a town or city looking for available parking spaces contributes significantly to the day-to-day congestion all road users experience.

From insight to improvement

Using our systems to provide real-time data on parking availability helps local authority operators and large corporate companies to take quick and relevant action. Reduce the time spent behind the wheel: improve the local environment and the driving experience. The ability to monitor and reduce overstay activity will make a greater number of spaces available to motorists: traffic flows and congestion around parking areas will remain as low as possible.

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