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Parking Guidance System

Time spent driving around a busy car park or town centre is time that can be spent elsewhere: shopping, working, starting meetings on schedule. Parking intelligence is an increasingly useful tool for car park operators keen to influence behaviour for the benefit of the environment, as well as drivers, local authorities and employers alike.

Our parking bay sensors and software system can be integrated with variable message signage (VMS) to display real-time capacity information, so parking operators can guide drivers quickly to available spaces. When stationed sufficiently far from the campus or city centre these signs encourage drivers to use alternate forms of travel such as park and ride schemes when car parks are full—reducing congestion and improving air quality.

Key Benefits

  • Better experience for users of your car park without the stress of searching for a space
  • Lower congestion and better air quality by allowing drivers to park quickly rather than circling an already full car park
  • Encourage active travel and park and ride services by making road users aware of full car parks sufficiently early in their journey


Parking intelligence that creates operational efficiencies.

Parking Guidance System Products


Clearview worked in partnership with us and our other stakeholders during each stage of the design and installation process, with good communications throughout.

Andrew Lyle
Senior Project Manager, UK Critical National Infrastructure & Projects Department
National Grid Corporate Property