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Ramp Metering

Careful flow management

With ever increasing levels of traffic on motorways, careful management of vehicle flow is essential for maintaining safety and avoiding congestion. Ramp metering is part of the answer: injecting traffic onto the motorways in a controlled manner that optimises capacity smoothly integrates with the main carriageway.

Ramp metering allows traffic to join a motorway at the right time

Congestion: control when you need it

Ramp metering solutions allow road operators to measure the level of demand as traffic joins the motorway network at a particular junction, and marry it up with data from the MIDAS systems on the motorway. This joined-up intelligence paints a picture and helps to identify suitable points at which to “inject” traffic into the motorway flow with minimum disruption.

Wireless detection, seamless integration

Our wireless detection solution for ramp metering provides reliable intelligence on the level of traffic demand. It's used to control the phasing of the ramp metering signals, alerting drivers when it's safe for them to join the motorway.

A solution that preserves the integrity and operational lifetime of the road surface on the slip roads is both cost effective and extremely durable. It has the added advantages of being quick and easy to deploy without requiring costly and disruptive closures of junctions.

Managing traffic onto the motorway in this manner using real-time traffic intelligence helps you to keep traffic flowing.

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