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Reduce Congestion: whatever it takes to keep moving

A battle to reduce congestion takes place across our transport infrastructure day in, day out, from car parks to motorways. With an innovative solution applied in the right context, you can stop it before it even starts.

Traffic flow monitoring solutions that allow you to know the volume and type of vehicles on your network, as well as understanding average journey times and speeds, enables you to establish a clear picture as to the normal flow of traffic across your network at different times of day and under different conditions. In this way, you can quickly spot unusual traffic flow patterns seen in the real-time data and respond accordingly to avert serious build up in traffic. Action using this sensor intelligence can be wide-ranging, such as diverting traffic around incidents using VMS signs or phasing traffic signals to prioritise traffic from certain directions over others or using dynamic lane marking on major routes and through tunnels to instantly relieve congestion on the network.

Equally, information derived from this technology, including passing on average journey time information directly to users via Variable Message Signs, mobile apps, websites and even radio travel broadcasts, enables users to make informed decisions as to their onward journey and can help naturally load balance demand across the network.

Armed with this vital traffic flow information you can make adjustments to your network to keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion across your network.

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