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Route safety schemes that reduce accidents and save lives

We understand that no two route safety schemes are going to be the same. But the need to reduce speed, make road users aware of upcoming dangers or to help them navigate through dangerous junctions or stretches of road remains central to the success of reducing the number of road accidents.

Our years of experience in producing specific safety products such as our Active SolarLite Road Studs and our ability to create bespoke safety schemes that combine a range of detection and signage products set us apart from other road safety companies.

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Enhanced Delineation System

Solar-powered road studs increase visibility for drivers at night, allowing them to drive safely

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Junction Warning System

Alerting drivers to potential hazards through vehicle activated signage (VAS)

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Dynamic Lane Marking System

Keep drivers in lane to avoid collisions and help them navigate complex junctions and tunnels safely

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Long Shot

Queue Protection System

Reducing the likelihood of rear-end collisions in areas where queues are common

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Speed Compliance System

Using vehicle activated signage to reinforce the speed limit and increase speed compliance

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Wrong Way Slip Detection System

Alert drivers who have accidentally entered a slip road the wrong way

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Cycle and Footpath Guidance

Encourage active travel with solar-powered guidance along cycle paths and footpaths.

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Uncontrolled pedestrian crossings small

Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossings System

Detecting pedestrians and alerting drivers to their presence helps to protect these vulnerable road users

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Improving safety on railway crossings with solar LED road studs

Level Crossing Safety System

Improve level crossing safety by providing clear delineation of the area in which it is safe to cross

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Case Studies

Solarlite In High Wycombe

Maintaining accident reductions ten years on across Buckinghamshire

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Crosshands Vas Thumbnail

Improving route safety using vehicle activated signage

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Switch Thumbnail

Improving safety at one of England’s busiest motorway junctions with Intelligent Road Studs

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