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Everyone's aim should be to reduce road accidents over the coming years.

We know that road accidents are more common after dark. There are many reasons for this, but most can be overcome through enhanced delineation. Allowing drivers to see further ahead, means they have longer to respond to potential hazards such as sharp bends or junctions.

Traditional retroreflective road studs allow drivers to see up to 90m ahead. Our SolarLite Active Road Studs provide enhanced delineation by allowing drivers to see up to 900m ahead. They cut through poor visibility weather such as heavy rain and fog to deliver information about the layout directly in the drivers’ line of sight.

These solar-powered road studs are also built to last with an expected operational life of 10 years. This means they have a lower overall lifetime cost compared to traditional retroreflective studs.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced road delineation provides up to 10 times longer for drivers to react to hazards
  • No need for mains power, meaning the solution operates in rural areas and is more environmentally friendly
  • Safer for motorcyclists and less prone to damage as they are installed flush to the road surface

Case studies

Guernsey Solarlites At Albecq Thumbnail

Improving delineation with Active Road Studs on Guernsey

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Solarlite In High Wycombe

Maintaining accident reductions ten years on across Buckinghamshire

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“The feedback from the motoring public has been very positive with many people suggesting more sites where they would like to see SolarLite Active Road Studs installed. We are considering further sites and also replacing existing reflective studs with the new SolarLite Active Road Studs.”

Kevin Lesbirel
Senior Traffic Services Officer
States of Guernsey

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