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Targeting the most dangerous parts of the network will yield the biggest improvement in road safety. Junctions are one such dangerous area and improvements in junction safety can result in a significant drop in accidents.

Our junction warning system uses intelligent vehicle activated signs (VAS) to alert drivers to vehicles waiting turn onto the carriageway. Using vehicle detection technology, we determine when a vehicle is waiting to turn and, only then, activate the warning sign. Such dynamic signage is more effective than static warning signs, which regular drivers of the route will fail to notice over time.

The same intelligent VAS will improve junction safety further by presenting speeding drivers with a slow down message when there isn’t a vehicle waiting to turn. The threshold for triggering the slow down message can even be tailored to the vehicle class and the associated speed limit.

Key Benefits

  • Proven to reduce accident at junctions.
  • Flexible warnings that can be tailored to the specific junction being addresses to increase their effectiveness.
  • One sign can deliver multiple warnings.
  • Solar-powered solution, meaning it can be deployed in rural locations without access to mains power

Case studies

Crosshands Vas Thumbnail

Improving route safety using vehicle activated signage

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Long Shot

Dynamic Queue Warning on the A77 Bellfield Interchange

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“Working with Clearview Intelligence we were able to establish an innovative solution to a long standing accident issue, which on being successful can be used at numerous locations across the trunk road network”

Vincent Tait
Road Safety Manager
Scotland TranServ

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