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Traffic Flow Monitoring

Bigger picture, better flow

Traffic flow monitoring solutions provide data and analysis to help traffic managers, road maintenance contractors and even road users make informed judgements and better decisions. Our traffic flow monitoring technology gathers accurate, real-time intelligence about traffic volume, type, speed, directional flow, and driver behaviour patterns. Predict problems more accurately, influence behaviour and manage congestion to keep everyone on the move.

Traffic flow monitoring to manage congestion

Improve Predictability

Our solutions gather and interpret traffic data, supplying meaningful, actionable intelligence. With the right information to hand, you can see what's coming and plan ahead.

Advance warning for maintenance

The powerful Insight® traffic intelligence platform delivers real-time and historical trend analysis of road network usage. With these insights, you can predict which areas will suffer wear and tear, demonstrate what kind of maintenance will be needed, and highlight the consequences of inaction. Data underpins the payment mechanism for maintenance on our trunk road network and provides justification for vital spending.

Accurate traffic flow monitoring data makes it easy to identify the best time to carry out maintenance. It's your key to operating with minimum disruption to road users, and maximum safety and efficiency for your workforce.

The journey ahead

The intelligence we provide can be used for simulation modelling and future road planning. The right information can clarify the potential consequences of temporary diversions in different scenarios - planned road closures, responses to incidents. Traffic flow intelligence can also help you anticipate the effects of longer-term diversions due to new development work, or road-widening schemes.

Transform Behaviour

Accurate, real-time analysis of traffic behaviour is crucial to efficient flow control across a road network. Data collected from the roadside is transformed into meaningful intelligence in real time. With the right information, you can react to what you see immediately, taking steps to change road-user behaviour: calming traffic, diverting it away from build-ups or incidents.

Direct benefits

Monitoring traffic flow and then delivering intelligence directly to road users is a hugely effective way of changing behaviour, to everyone's benefit. Advance warning of problems ahead puts the driver in control, giving them the information they need to decide how best to plan their onward journey.

Special circumstances

Providing a diversion for vehicles of specific types improves traffic flow, helps to prevent incidents and reduces the risk of unscheduled repairs. It's particularly helpful for diverting HGV drivers to protect weak infrastructure, such as bridges or areas of the network that are under maintenance..

Reduce Congestion

Every day, traffic managers face the task of preventing build-up from turning into full-blown congestion. With our traffic flow monitoring solution, you can keep road users moving freely around your network, ensuring smoother, safer journeys.

Real-time data, real-time response

With live data about the network at your fingertips, you can quickly identify and react to any unusual or unexpected changes. You can pinpoint irregular speeds or volumes of traffic, anywhere on your network, and take action to alleviate the symptoms.

Learning and prevention

Through swift data analysis in the Insight traffic intelligence platform, you can build a robust picture of typical traffic flow patterns across your network. You can recognise pinch points, where traffic routinely builds up at certain times of day, and then act to ease the pressure. As the bank of data and analysis grows, you'll gain a fuller understanding of how different events, weather patterns and incidents can affect the flow at different points in time.

The intelligence derived from data we capture at the roadside can be fed into simulation modelling tools to aid planning for future events. You can run numerous scenarios based on the real-world intelligence we provide and establish how best to manage adversely affected areas: keep traffic moving smoothly and congestion to a minimum.

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