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While alternative modes of travel are becoming more popular, the car will continue to dominate most people’s daily travel in the immediate future.  Recently the UK has seen the highest number of HGVs on our roads for 30 years, therefore understanding and managing the flow of traffic around the strategic, urban and rural networks is crucial to combatting congestion and ensuring the safety of all road users.

Traffic flow monitoring

Traffic flow monitoring solutions provide data and analysis to help traffic managers, road maintenance contractors and even road users make informed judgements and better decisions.

With accurate traffic flow data, you can identify problem areas on the network, implement solutions and understand how effective they are. Sharing this intelligence with road users keeps them informed of delays and the best route to take, which reduces driver frustration and improves journeys for all road users.

Clearview has been delivering traffic technology for over 40 years and is helping drive real change on the network. We currently provide solutions for Journey Time Monitoring, Wireless Vehicle Detection, Vehicle, Cycle and Pedestrian Detection, Count & Classification, MIDAS and Ramp Metering.

Data and analysis that helps road operators make informed decisions & keep traffic flowing.

It's our mission to help you make journeys work

Congestion and its economic impact is one of the biggest challenges on our road networks today. Journey time monitoring across an integrated road network enables traffic managers to spot potential traffic build-up.

Wireless vehicle detection uses sensors to detect the presence of vehicles. Our wireless system provides a direct alternative to the original technology of inductive loops.

Traffic flow monitoring solutions provide data and analysis to help traffic managers and road maintenance contractors improve their network operation. Allowing road users to make informed decisions on faster and more reliable journeys.

Motorway Incident Detection and Automated Signalling (MIDAS) systems keep highways managers aware of traffic flow with constant monitoring across these vital routes. MIDAS spots early warning signs of traffic build-up and intervenes to reduce the risk of serious congestion.

Ramp metering solutions allow road operators to measure the level of demand as traffic joins the motorway network at a junction and marry it up with data from the MIDAS systems on the motorway.

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