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Journey Time Monitoring Application

Congestion and its economic impact is one of the biggest challenges on our road networks today. Journey time monitoring across an integrated road network enables traffic managers to spot potential traffic build-up. Fluctuation in journey time is a strong indicator of a traffic problem, prompting further investigation of the local network and timely intervention.

Armed with accurate journey time information, road operators can make more informed decisions about diversions and times to conduct roadworks. Sharing this journey time information with users helps them to make more informed decisions about the best route for them to take. Knowing how long they are going to be held up in traffic reduces stress for drivers.

Traditionally, journey times have been generated using infrastructure at the side of the road. This is no longer necessary with virtual, crowdsource data providing more accurate journey times without the risk and expense of deploying infrastructure. This also reduces maintenance requirements and contributes to a more resilient road network.

Key Benefits

  • No requirement for hardware reduces road worker exposure to risk, ongoing maintenance, and costs
  • Dashboards and email alerts notify network managers of issues on the network, saving the time and expense of 24×7 monitoring
  • Advance reporting modules save network managers time and hassle of processing vast amounts of data.


Insight Journey Time Monitoring Application

Journey Time Monitoring Application Products


The Insight Journey Time Monitoring application from Clearview has proven to be just the solution we needed to help our customers understand their journey to and through the Tyne Tunnels. The system produces very valuable and useful data for both TT2 and road users. Clearview has supported us in getting up and running with the system, which we are now using with confidence.

Kristian Fenwick
Project Manager