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Ramp Metering System

Ramp Metering System

Ramp metering solutions allow road operators to measure the level of demand as traffic joins the motorway network at a junction and marry it up with data from the MIDAS systems on the motorway. This joined-up intelligence paints a picture and helps to identify suitable points at which to allow traffic to join the motorway.

Our M100 wireless vehicle detection solution integrates into a ramp metering scheme with sensor detection points on both the ramp and the motorway network. Sensors measure the level of demand for traffic to join the motorway from the ramp and marry it up with data from the MIDAS network to “inject” traffic into the motorway flow with minimum disruption to improve driver journey time and experience using traffic signals at the motorway junction.

Key Benefits

  • Optimise the flow of traffic onto the carriageway, reducing the likelihood of an accident
  • Lower cost and faster installation compared to inductive loops.


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Ramp Metering System Products


On a scheme as big and important as the M8 improvement programme it is essential to choose the right partners and ensure the technology is fit for purpose. Dynniq has worked with Clearview for many years and we had no worries in using the M100 detection units to work with our traffic signals. As ever, our close working relationship ensured that installation and commissioning work went as smoothly as possible across all of the junctions.

Maurice Coll
Service Manager – Urban North,
Dynniq UK Ltd