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Traffic Flow Monitoring System

Traffic flow monitoring solutions provide data and analysis to help traffic managers and road maintenance contractors improve their network operation. Allowing road users to make informed decisions on faster and more reliable journeys.

Our traffic flow monitoring technology gathers accurate, real-time intelligence about traffic volume, type, speed, directional flow, and driver behaviour patterns. Clearview’s legacy in traffic flow monitoring technology began with Golden River Traffic, established in 1974 when we developed the first fully electronic traffic counter.

Today’s vehicle count and classification technology provides unparalleled levels of accuracy and availability so you can predict problems more accurately, influence behaviour and manage congestion.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate data, delivered on a reliable schedule means you can get on with managing your network with full confidence in the information you are basing your decisions on
  • Environmentally friendly, solar-based technology to reduce the installation and lifetime running costs
  • Remote management and data collection provide further cost savings


It's our mission to help you make journeys work.

Traffic Flow Monitoring System Products


We have established a good working relationship with Clearview Intelligence over the years. We know that we can rely on them to deliver on their contract service levels. They are quick to spot any issues and work effectively to mitigate and resolve any TME related challenges.

Lee Johnson
Operations Director