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Transform Behaviour: better choices mean better journeys

We can improve journeys by improving choices that underpin each and every one of them. The right intelligence delivered to the user facilitates better journey planning, and really can transform behaviour, from lane marking to pathway guidance and crucially even parking guidance.

Users of your network want to have the most efficient journey possible, this can only be achieved if they have the right information to hand. Letting your users know how to avoid congestion, where parking spaces are available, or which lane to use can transform their behaviour and help people to make better journeys.

Transforming driver behaviour starts with giving users better information about the road layout and possible hazards ahead of them. Intelligence presented directly in their natural line of sight using active road studs helps users understand and negotiate their way through challenging or potentially hazardous situations such as staggered junctions, spiral roundabouts or winding, unlit roads that have no other effective road markings. This intelligence helps users adjust their acceleration and braking behaviour and improve their lane discipline, which in turn positively affects other users, reducing the likelihood of incidents.

Feeding users accurate, timely intelligence about how long it will take them to get from A to B at a given time based on current average journey times or providing up-to-the minute parking space availability as they near their destination, reduces time wasted driving around the local road network, reducing driver frustration, congestion and pollution, and enables the user to plan better journeys.

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