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Wireless Vehicle Detection

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Making vehicles visible to on-street or central traffic control systems is vital to the smooth running of our road networks. Wireless vehicle detection informs the phasing of traffic signals, access control solutions deployed at transport hubs, advanced hazard warning systems and other road safety schemes. All these solutions share the common aims of relieving congestion, influencing driver behaviour to avoid unnecessary risks, and smoothing our traffic flow, improving the predictability of journeys.

Accurate vehicle detection without inductive loops

Reduce Congestion

Wireless vehicle detection holds extensive benefits for improving the day-to-day flow of traffic. It also has advantages in its noninvasive installation and maintenance requirements.

Optimising whole networks

Adaptive traffic signal control systems such as SCOOT and MOVA offer great advances in the way that individual junctions and whole networks can be optimised, working together to smooth the flow of traffic across an area. If you optimise phasing at certain junctions according to demand observed at different points in your network, you can prioritise the flow traffic to better manage the volume. This puts you in a position to readily disperse traffic across the network in a way that minimises driver frustration, keeping traffic moving.

Look, no wires

By deploying wireless vehicle detection technology, you eliminate the need for costly ducting and trenching normally associated with the use of more invasive and fragile technology such as inductive loops. The urban traffic control systems still receive the same quality intelligence about demand on each junction of the network. And, with an installation method that can deploy or upgrade whole junctions in hours rather than days, the overall disruptive impact is much reduced, not forgetting the significant the cost savings and workforce safety benefits.

Swift, smooth, sorted

The speed with which the solution can be deployed reduces disruption for road users, which both improves the public perception and reduces the costs of such works - alleviating overall driver frustration on both counts. Minimising the potential knock-on congestion from temporary diversions also benefits the public purse, and helps to counter the negative impact on local productivity.

Improve Predictability

Using wireless vehicle detection in conjunction with adaptive traffic signal control, traffic managers get a highly accurate, reliable information about demand on each leg of a junction. Feeding this intelligence into a central Urban Traffic Control system creates a robust picture of traffic flows across your road network.

Ease the pressure

With this intelligence at hand, you can optimise signal phasing to improve traffic flow at major entry/exit points of your network, reducing pressure and driver frustration on other local routes. This, in turn, helps you to increase journey time predictability for both commuters and local residents.

Calm and carrying on

Making journeys more predictable has a positive, calming effect on the behaviour of drivers and helps smooth traffic flows. By keeping traffic moving freely, you also reduce the volume and intensity of pollution from vehicle emissions usually associated with slow-moving traffic.

Transform Behaviour

Wireless vehicle detection is successfully used in many areas to alter or positively influence driver behaviour.

Awareness and action

Wireless vehicle detection is usually deployed to create demand or trigger action as part of an integrated solution with variable message signage, access control barriers, electronic doors or even hazard warning systems. The intelligence can be used to automate systems that moderate or improve driver awareness and behaviour, ultimately to increase safety for all those in the immediate area.

Low-impact and versatile

Wireless vehicle detection can be deployed quickly with minimal traffic disruption. The solutions can range from simple triggers for roadside variable message signage and access control systems in restricted areas, right through to speed compliance systems that trigger upcoming traffic signals to change to red if a driver approaches too fast.

These solutions provide accurate, reliable, cost-effective ways to positively influence road users' behaviour, all based on real-time intelligence.

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