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Road safety is a challenge for us all with 27,820 people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents in the year ending June 2019 (DfT).

We can help you understand how your networks are being used and by whom, and technology can also provide you with benefits through our evolving solution range which includes detection for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

We are pleased to be able to provide online learning materials to our clients through our range of webinars and short videos.

Webinar Library

How Route Safety can improve the customer experience (27.32 min)

We understand it's vital to install solutions that make roads safer but we can also improve driver experience at the same time; influencing driver behaviour is key to reducing accidents on our road networks. Learn how in this webinar which includes real life examples (case studies).

Insight Journey Time Monitoring Application (41.42 min)

The more journey time data we have, the better we can plan and manage our road networks. Learn how crowd sourced data is allowing for more flexible and easier to use journey time monitoring (and how it's just as reliable as bluetooth with no on-street hardware required!).

Wireless Vehicle Detection the pros and cons (29.01 min)

We know the market has mixed views in relation to wireless vehicle detection. Let's explore how and why it is the viable alternative to inductive loops; looking at how it works and how it intergrates into applications such as traffic signals, queue detection, cycle detection, MIDAS and ramp metering.

Using a combination of road safety solutions to save lives (28.02)

We're proud of the bespoke route safety solutions we have developed with our clients in Scotland (and the rest of the UK). Learn how we have done this with Chris Keenan through real-life examples and understand how we might help you to deliver similar solutions.

Tea & Biscuit Learning Videos

Here are a few short videos featuring some of our solutions in action. Sit back and relax with a cuppa and a biscuit - we may have something you need (at the very least we hope it provides new ideas).

Vehicle Activated Safety Solutions

See how we can install intelligent safety solutions that trigger an action when a vehicle is detected. (2.24min)

Solutions to driver issues with Road Layouts

A short video on how we can help drivers navigate difficult road systems - helping to reduce incidents and delays on your networks. (2.21 min)

Solutions to junction safety challenges (1.13 min)

What can we do to improve safety on the approach to dangerous junctions?

Solutions to speed compliance issues (0.16min)

Examples of how we can deliver new ways to slow down speeding vehicles.

SolarLite Road Stud comparison to traditional cats eyes

How safer can we make our roads using solar powered LED's to delineate the route ahead compared to traditional cats eyes? Take a look below.

We hope you found this virtual learning hub useful and interesting. If you have any questions or would like an exploratory conversation on the challenge you face, please let us know.

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