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Case Studies

World Cargo Centre, Heathrow

On the back of the Airports National Policy Statement (NPS) allowing for the expansion of Heathrow Airport, industrial warehouse developer Segro acquired 100% control of Airport Property Partnership (APP) whose assets include the majority of airside cargo facilities.


This area became operationally challenging from a number of aspects:-
Lorries would enter the Segro Heathrow Cargo Centre via a right turn from the Shoreham Road East in order to drop off their cargo, load up again, and loop round on the Shoreham Road West then exit the area.
Problems developed when drivers entered the zone but did not have a clear indication of which bay to park in for unloading. This often resulted in the lorry driver continuing round the loop and repeating the journey -causing lorries to back-up.


Segro required a solution and Clearview had the capability to design and implement one which transformed the bottle-neck situation into an innovative, smart count parking management system.
The key objective was to provide reliable real-time information about parking space availability to lorry drivers in order to reduce congestion and time wasted in hunting for a unoccupied space.
This bespoke solution for Segro used zone count technology, bay parking sensors, and communication via Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Key Benefits

Reduction in congestion
Reduction in time wasted hunting for parking spaces
Reliable real-time information about parking and space availability via VMS

Insight Parking

An integrated solution designed to simplify the management, monitoring and analysis of parking assets. Combined with a range of sensors and signs, Insight Parking provides a complete solution for all types of parking operators and environments.