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Parking Guidance in Lichfield

Optimising Town Centre Parking Spaces and Occupancy

Our Insight Parking platform drives the new digital car parking signs in the City of Lichfield, Staffordshire.


Lichfield District Council had been investigating ways to increase the effective use of their car parks and help reduce congestion particularly in the short stay areas. The
most popular short-stay car parks were becoming overfilled and therefore the use of these convenient locations would often get blocked by all day users.

During peak shopping periods traffic queues to the City Centre car parks were leading to congestion issues with some car parks at gridlock whilst others just a short distance away left with many available parking spaces.

Lichfield District Council emphasised that the availability of off-street parking is a critical factor in the effective use of the city centre and in pursuit of a vibrant and thriving high street and visitor economy.


Clearview Intelligence was approached by Lichfield District Council in collaboration with Staffordshire County Council to explore more efficient ways in which car parks could be utilised in the city centre.

A real-time occupancy solution was developed to interface with the new digital parking guidance signs in the city, to encourage optimum use of their car parks.

Highlighting all available spaces to drivers allows them to utilise car parks more suitable for their specific requirements. This approach encourages drivers to select the most suitable car park based on the duration of their stay.

Key Benefits

  • Better experience for users of your car park without the stress of searching for a space
  • Lower congestion and better air quality by allowing drivers to park quickly rather than circling an already full car park
  • More efficient use of car parks by drivers

Insight Parking

An integrated solution designed to simplify the management, monitoring and analysis of parking assets. Combined with a range of sensors and signs, Insight Parking provides a complete solution for all types of parking operators and environments.