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Count & Classify

Clearview’s history began in 1974 with the first fully electronic traffic counter which enabled direct data transfer to a computer. Nowadays, our Count and Classification product range includes solutions for vehicle, pedestrian and cycle counts with wireless and Lidar based detection available alongside the traditional loop-based technology.

Insight Vision

Insight Vision provides CCTV and computer vision capabilities for object detection, classification and events.

The use of artificial intelligence to analyse video and images has been on the increase over the past few years as new algorithms and access to cheaper and more powerful computing becomes mainstream.

Insight Vision provides two methods of object detection and recognition:

  • Insight AI Vision is a computer vision system that streams video from a camera into Insight and can utilise existing camera assets where the specification is suitable.
  • Insight AI Edge is a computer vision system that streams data from an edge video processer and camera into Insight and can support up to 4 cameras per edge device .


  • Computer vision solution available as a streaming service or edge solution
  • Object detection and classification for data collection, analysis and event generation
  • Real-time blurring to ensure privacy and compliance.


  • Ability to utilise existing cameras reduces capital and startup costs
  • Blurring retains privacy whilst enabling the system to be used for monitoring as well as analytics maximising infrastructure and cost savings
  • Insight Vision can be combined with other Insight modules providing a single system for a variety of solutions


Insight Count and Classify

Insight Device Monitor

The Insight Data Management platform is a scalable hosted service underpinning a range of targeted applications for traffic monitoring. Insight shares several tools across all applications for ease of administration and the flexibility to deploy multiple applications and modules.

Roadside devices can be managed with ease using our secure web based interface. Insight Count and Classify supports the full range of Clearview Intelligence M600 and M700 series of count classifiers.

Insight Count and Classify collects data via GSM, GPRS and wired Ethernet communications. The integrated server based dial-up application provides for user defined schedules, manual dial-up, status updates and event logs. As data is received several control measures can be applied to verify the quality and validity of the data.


  • Intuitive wizard driven report creation tool
  • Integrated data collection utility offering real-time, scheduled and manual collections
  • Ability to data share with other systems via JSON & XML data feeds
  • Secure, responsive web based user interface with real-time data analysis
  • Highly customisable, user definable dashboard portal
  • An extensive range of graphical contextual viewing tools
  • E-mail, XMPP and browser alerts for device and data quality notifications
  • Data editing functions for patching and source editing with full backup and restore


  • Automated, efficient process for remote sensor data gathering
  • Readily transforms data into intelligence without human intervention
  • Personalised tailored view of captured intelligence enabling operators to act promptly
  • Drives intelligence sharing with other users and third party systems
  • Real-time access anywhere, anytime to inform decision making
  • Provides instant answers to complex questions about network or asset performance
  • Facilitates more efficient resource utilisation around deployment of traffic officers and maintenance engineers


Insight Places

Smarter, Greener more Intelligent Places

As cities, towns and villages continue to grow, so do the challenges related to mobility, population, and the environment. Insight® Places from Clearview Intelligence is a centralised data collection, monitoring and analysis hub designed to provide authorities with the information they need to make accurate data-driven decisions. Through integrated sensors, the platform collects key data around people, transport and the environment.


  • Supports multiple data sets based on geographical area
  • Integrated dashboards, reports, API’s and heatmaps for simple or complex analysis
  • Integrated sensors with status monitoring and alerts


  • Utilising multuple data sets provides a more complete picture of a place for analysis
  • Multiple analytical tools that cater for a range of abilities and styles provides information to a broader audience
  • Single integrated system for data collection and analysis enables a better understanding of data quality

Connex Active

Connex Active: Pedestrian and Bicycle Classifier

Pedestrian and Bicycle Classifier

The Connex Active is an accurate real-time Pedestrian and Bicycle Classifier for active travel detection and analysis. It utilises the latest LIDAR technologies to provide a non-invasive detection and classification solution for pedestrians and bicycles.

Designed for permanent use alongside foot and cycle paths as a solar or mains powered solution within a single unit. The detection range is configurable up to 7 metres without the need for an additional receiver unit as seen in traditional solutions of this type.

The use of LIDAR technology enables the creation of virtual lanes based on the distance of the object detected, this can be used to understand if potential conflicts are occurring on segregated pedestrian and cycle paths.

An optional 4G or ethernet communications module provides the ability to deliver real-time or scheduled data to Clearview’s Insight® Data Management platform or to any other system using open standards data formats and protocols.

The integrated contact closure and logic controller means the unit can be used for active travel safety schemes and data collection all in a single solution.


  • 95% pedestrian and bicycle classification with direction
  • 98% pedestrian and bicycle detection with direction
  • Integrated real-time communications
  • Integrated general-purpose input/output
  • Solar, power over ethernet or mains powered
  • Data Integration with Insight but data also available to third parties
  • Detection up to 7m from the counter
  • Virtual lanes to detect adherence to pedestrian and cycle lane designation


  • Real-time communications provide instant data on pedestrian and bicycle users to understand the potential impact on services and infrastructure.
  • Sustainable solar-powered classifier with integrated communications provides the ideal off-grid solution, enabling deployment in rural areas and reducing the costs of provisioning power.
  • Automated data retrieval, monitoring and reporting through Insight provides an easy to use platform for maintenance and analysis.
  • Integrated general-purpose input and output enables the solution to be used to trigger external systems such as Vehicle Activated Signs for safety schemes.
  • Non-invasive detection reduces installation costs compared to loop/piezo solutions and removes the risk of damage caused by pavement repairs and works by services.

Connex Traffic

Connex Traffic

Flexibility & Accuracy

Connex Traffic is the latest generation of automatic traffic counter designed to provide a high degree of flexibility and accuracy.

Based on Clearview’s Connex Modular Hardware platform, Connex Traffic offers both inductive loop and wireless sensor options for real-time count and classification, enabling deployment in a variety of environments and applications.

Designed from the ground up, for ease of integration utilising open industry standard data formats and communication protocols, the base system provides 16 inductive loops and two internal module slots for different combinations of communications or sensors. Connex Traffic incorporates machine learning technology to provide a higher degree of classification when using inductive loops for data collection.

Communication options include support for the latest low power LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies alongside 2/4G, PoE and RS232/485.

Connex Traffic provides additional functionality to enable the intelligent control of external devices such as Variable Message Signs (VMS) via the General Purpose I/O port and Programmable Logic Controller. This combination of external control and logic enables Connex Traffic to form the backbone of innovative solutions to monitor and inform of potential hazards such as queuing vehicles, turning vehicles and tailgating.


  • Real time vehicle counter providing individual vehicle records.
  • Modular architecture supports different sensors and communications.
  • Supports latest IoT technologies with IP communications over Ethernet, Cellular (2G/4G), LTE-M1, NB-IOT.
  • Can be mains, solar or PoE powered.
  • Provides Count, Direction, Class, Speed, Length, Gap and Headway by lane
  • 16 x inductive loop ports/M100 magnetometers via RS485 (option)
  • Sends vehicle data in JSON format using MQTT messaging protocol to Insight Platform/AWS IoT or standalone MQTT server (available 2021).
  • Automatic retrieval of up to 1 Million individual vehicle records after a power/communications outage.
  • Stores up to 60 Million individual vehicle data records in the onboard SD card for local or remote download
  • Low power consumption and compact design
  • Optional IP67 enclosure to provide flexibility with deployment
  • Output to control external devices via General Purpose Input/Output and built in Programmable Logic Controller


  • Superior vehicle classification accuracy utilising Machine Learning to better identify similar classes (Bus, HGV)
  • Flexibility of sensors and communications enables a large range of configuration options to maximise budget and performance.
  • Dedicated security hardware ensures real-time data delivery without compromising security.
  • Sustainable operation using solar power to reduce costs and support climate change objectives.
  • Single architecture reduces learning curve and complexity of integration.
  • Modular approach enables rapid development of new technologies provide a future proof solution.
  • Open data format simplifies integration and costs with an IoT industry message protocol.
  • Can be combined with Connex Active to provide Pedestrian and Cycle classification via Lidar sensor in a single unit reduce complexity and communication costs.

M680 Vehicle Count and Classification


The M680 is the latest generation of traffic count/classification device based on inductive loop technology. Available in a variety of configurations and supporting a number of additional interface options, the M680 offers unparalleled flexibility from a single platform. From monitoring of a single lane traffic through to 8 lane motorways with both piezo sensors and inductive loops, the M680 is a versatile platform that support a vast range of applications including vehicle in/out counts from car parks, to comprehensive traffic flow monitoring through vehicle count and vehicle classification. The M680 captures vehicle count as well as Vehicle by Vehicle (VbV) data including class, direction, gap, speed, length, axle count, axle separation and headway.

Thanks to its robust design and IP67 rated enclosure, the M680 delivers unrivalled levels of accuracy, reliability and ruggedness meaning you can be confident of year round operation. The M680 can collect data on each vehicle for scheduled, manual or real-time delivery over packet-based GPRS communications. Over 30 pre-defined axle and loop classification schemes including the 26- class UKNCC30 means the M680 can detect and classify a wide range of vehicle types from bicycles through to articulated lorries.

The switch I/O card option can be used to control external devices such as Variable Messaging Signs, ANPR cameras, Barriers and Gates or any device that accepts contact closure input, ideal for use in car park management applications.


  • Latest generation inductive loop based count/classifier
  • A comprehensive range of configuration, connectivity and additional interface options
  • Simultaneous production of real time and historic information
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Accurate vehicle algorithms to cater for vehicles straddling lanes
  • GSM and GPRS communication options for remote data collection
  • Can be battery, mains or solar powered
  • Robust ergonomically friendly IP67 rated enclosure
  • Seamless integration with Insight data intelligence platform
  • Wide range of report formats through the Insight software including Binned and VBV surveys


  • Superior vehicle data capture accuracy
  • Rugged and reliable,flexible device that can be deployed in the harshest of environments
  • Reduced installation and life time costs through the use of solar power
  • Cost effective management through remote management and data collection
  • Insight connectivity drives simple, robust decision-making
  • User friendly configuration and management application