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Case Studies

Traffic Monitoring on the A50 – DBFO


The A50 is a strategic east to west connection between the M6 and M1.

Connect Roads in conjunction with Balfour Beatty (parent company) are responsible for the operation and maintainance of this section of the A50 from Swanley Interchange at the eastern end of the Derby Southern Bypass to Meir Interchange at the western end of the Blythe Bridge Bypass. Connect Roads is one of the UK’s largest private sector road operators, responsible for the development and maintenance of a wide range of motorways and major trunk roads.


Clearview have been providing TME (Traffic Monitoring Equipment) and monitoring traffic on DBFO’s for many years. This is the 14th DBFO to be awarded to Clearview, on this occasion by Connect Roads.

We have deployed 4 of Clearview’s M680’s, the latest generation of traffic count/classification devices based on inductive loop technology along the route. The M680 captures vehicle count as well as Vehicle by Vehicle (VbV) data including class, direction, gap, speed, length, axle count, axle separation and headway.
Working in close collaboration with Connect Roads the necessary service level has been tailored to provide a suitable TME package meeting the needs of the client.

Key Benefits

  • Provides highly accurate data capture rquired for route use and financial reporting.
  • Immediate fault reporting and swift repairs through agreed contract service levels.
  • Visual video verification to ensure ongoing system accuracy.
  • A reliable and collaborative approach enables effective long-term startegic partnership working.


M680 Vehicle Count and Classification

Designed to meet the demands of traffic data collection projects in various locations, the M680 detects vehicles as they pass over inductive loops embedded in the road surface. With unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and versatility the M680 can be used in both slow and fast moving traffic environments, making it perfect for both parking and general traffic applications.