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Case Studies

Replica MIDAS data for CHARM sites

Duplicate MIDAS sites that feed into the new CHARM system use magnetometers to solve delivery installation challenge and remove additional customer diversion time.


Highways England Areas 7, 10 and 12 have control centres that monitor the speed, flow and use of the strategic road network in their regions. Running through these areas are the M62 and M1, that supply data to the control centres, in part, from existing MIDAS sites.

With the new Highways England Common Highways Agency and Rijkswaterstaat Model (CHARM) system starting to roll out across the North East and West this created the need for a replica flow of data into the new system. This data would need to come from ten MIDAS sites in Area 12 that also border Areas 7 and 10.

The challenge faced by A-one+, who are the asset support contractor for Area12, was how to install a system that replicated the data feeds without the costly traffic management required for all lane closures that new inductive loop sites would require. This would also have potentially caused major customer journey disruption through extensive diversions around the region. A-one+ approached MWay Comms for their help, who recommended using the Clearview Intelligence M100 wireless detection
system instead of inductive loops for the new MIDAS sites.


MWay Comms were well versed in installing MIDAS systems using inductive loops but were also aware of Clearview Intelligence’s M100 wireless detection system after using it on other MIDAS installations.

After consulting with Clearview, it became clear that M100 magnetometers would allow for installation using lane by lane closures. Magnetometers are small studs that are individually installed into the centre of each lane and communicate wirelessly with the MIDAS outstations. This results in much quicker installation times and safer roadworker practices.

The solution delivery method also reduced traffic management costs and removed the challenge facing Highways England of full road closures causing additional disruption to customers journeys.

Clearview helped MWay install the new MIDAS system into all ten locations and commissioned it so that they all perform to the same exacting data standards required by Highways England and the new CHARM system.

Key Benefits

  • Removes the need and diversion costs of full carriageway closures per site
  • Faster installation compared to inductive loops meaning less disruption to road users and less damage to the road surface
  • Improved roadworker safety
  • Compatible with existing MIDAS and CHARM infrastructure and technology
  • Reduced future maintenance or re-installation requirements compared to inductive loops

M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System

Accurate and easy to install wireless vehicle detection system. A cost effective alternative to inductive loops suitable for a range of applications, including traffic signal control systems such as MOVA and SCOOT and for vehicle detection in MIDAS applications.