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Journey time monitoring application saves on resource and costs for road improvement modelling

Virtual journey time monitoring application saves on resource and costs for road improvement modelling.


An important part of the role that CORMAC undertakes for Cornwall Council is to assess the impact to road users when considering proposed improvement schemes across the region.

One such scheme is the consideration to build a new bypass around Camelford on the A39. Part of the pre-planning work to validate the new traffic model included the need to compare current journey times along the A39 versus potential improvements if the scheme was put in place.

CORMAC monitor journey and traffic flows around the region using a combination of fixed infrastructure and sending out temporary survey teams to the roadside.

These methods have cost and time drawbacks when there is the need to consider longer road journeys such as was the case for the A39. So, the team sought a more efficient and flexible method of gaining the same data.


As CORMAC already use Clearview Intelligence products to count and classify traffic flows across Cornwall, they were happy to consider the new Insight® Journey Time Monitoring application as a possible solution to their temporary survey needs.

The application uses crowd-sourced data to create real-time reporting on defined journey spans. As the system is a virtual one, setting up spans across a road network takes minutes and provides immediate and accurate data flows once activated.

The lack of roadside infrastructure or resource requirements means high flexibility for when this is in use and lower costs to the user.

In the case of the A39, CORMAC were able to set up ten journey spans along the road and monitored journey times across the month of June and again across the peak tourism month of August.

This provided the planning teams with extensive and highly accurate data for peak and non-peak traffic times to compare against modelling on the proposed improvements.

Key Benefits

  • Provides operators with accurate and granular journey time data across large distances
  • Virtual set up with no roadside infrastructure makes for flexible and easy switching of routes and monitoring times
  • Cost efficiencies and enhanced roadside safety is gained through the lack of roadside resource requirements
  • Real-time data provides a powerful way of validating planning modelling decisions

Insight Journey

An online application that aids the monitoring, visualisation and analysis of traffic journey times. Removing the need to deploy sensors at the roadside, the application utilises crowdsourced data to deliver reliable and accurate journey time information.