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Insight JTM provide quick change to signal phasing

Use of Insight Journey Time application improves traffic flows around stadium venue


During the summer months Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol hosts a number of large attendance concerts, creating spikes in evening traffic flows around the city road network.

Last summer, when faced with four concerts in quick succession, Bristol City Council decided to adjust their SCOOT signal phasing times around the stadium area to help concert goers leave the venue in the quickest way possible. In order to optimise the effects of the SCOOT changes, the council wished to monitor journey times on all
routes around the venue itself.

Existing fixed ANPR journey time infrastructure was only able to monitor some but not all of the anticipated journey routes, so Bristol City Council turned to Clearview’s Insight® Journey Time application as the solution to complete the data picture.


The team in Bristol City Council were able to quickly and easily set up the Clearview Intelligence Insight Journey Time spans in a matter of minutes, completing the full coverage of the main routes around the Ashton Gate Stadium.

When monitoring both the Clearview and ANPR journey information it was seen that when traffic exited the concert through the adjusted SCOOT controlled junctions their journey times were improved, compared to later times when SCOOT reverted back to its original phasing schedule. This led the traffic operations team to extend the time in use of the revised phasing times for the second concert onwards.

The team continued to monitor the data using the immediately available graphical reports and noted journey times exiting the concert was improved in line with the extended SCOOT operation times.

Once the concerts were over Bristol City Council were then able to easily re-deploy the journey spans to monitor routes around other events such as the Glastonbury festival weekend and Filton Airfield.

Their planning team have also used the spans to help model the effects of proposed road changes.

Key Benefits

  • Very easy and quick set up allows for immediate route monitoring to start.
  • Easy to read graphical reports means quick assessment of data and changes were made to signal phasing for the next event.
  • Flexible placement of spans means any gaps in current monitoring set up can be filled.
  • The Insight platform allows for quick adjustment and redeployment of routes being monitored.

Insight Journey

An online application that aids the monitoring, visualisation and analysis of traffic journey times. Removing the need to deploy sensors at the roadside, the application utilises crowdsourced data to deliver reliable and accurate journey time information.