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Route safety with VAS warning system

Route safety scheme alerting oncoming traffic to vehicles turning ahead while also encouraging speed compliance on the A701.


The A701 connects Dumfries with the center of Edinburgh. The route is signposted as a scenic route to Edinburgh from the motorway as it passes mainly through rural countryside. The first 20 miles of the road provide the primary link between Dumfries and the A74(M) for traffic heading northbound to Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Several serious and fatal incidents have occurred on these first 20 miles where the A701 passes near the village of Beattock. A particularly hazardous junction was identified where the B7076 intersects the A701 on a sweeping bend.

Following a safety report on this stretch of the A701 it was recommended that a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) be installed on the southbound lane. This warning sign would be activated when a vehicle is detected on the B7076 waiting to turn, making oncoming traffic aware that there is a vehicle turning ahead. There was also the requirement to show a ‘slow down’ warning when drivers are detected exceeding a set threshold on the A701.


Clearview Intelligence developed a solution, with the client Scotland Transerv, where the VAS warning of ‘vehicles turning’ would only trigger when a vehicle is approaching the sign. This ensures that regular users of the route do not become complacent as they might with a static sign. The dual use of the VAS to also warn drivers that they are travelling too fast maximizes the impact of this installation.

To activate the VAS, vehicles are detected ahead of the stop line on the B7076 and on the right hand turn lane on the A701. Inductive loops are combined with the M680 Vehicle Count and Classification system to provide this vehicle detection.

Given the rural location of this junction, the solution needed to work without access to mains power. Clearview installed two solar panels; one to power the M680 Vehicle Count and Classification system and another to power the VAS.

Combining vehicle activated and fixed messages in this way provides clear guidance to drivers on potential hazards on the road ahead. Tailoring the warnings to the situation on the road that the driver is experiencing at that very moment significantly increases the effectiveness of the warnings, ensuring drivers don’t become complacent, adhere to the speed limit and approach the junction with caution.

Key Benefits

  • Highly visible warning sign that alerts drivers to the junction and encourages them to consider vehicles joining their carriageway.
  • Speed compliance encouraged by alerting drivers travelling above set threshold that they need to slow down.
  • Year round, reliable solar powered solution deployed in a location where access to mains power was not available.


Clearview Intelligence took the time to understand the specific issue we faced on our network. This enabled them to deliver a scheme that has significantly improved safety on the A701 at Beattock for both vehicles joining the route and those travelling along it. The innovative combination of solutions deployed here has allowed us to achieve two safety benefits from a single installation.

Bill Smith
Senior Engineer
Scotland TranServ

M680 Vehicle Count and Classification

Designed to meet the demands of traffic data collection projects in various locations, the M680 detects vehicles as they pass over inductive loops embedded in the road surface. With unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and versatility the M680 can be used in both slow and fast moving traffic environments, making it perfect for both parking and general traffic applications.