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A new head office and Insight Hub innovation suite represents a new commitment from Clearview Intelligence

As the end of 2019 approaches, it represents just over a year since Clearview Intelligence relocated our head office from Oxfordshire to join our product, research and development teams in Milton Keynes – and what a year it’s been.

Over the past 12 months, we have unveiled new products to the market, notched up two national award wins and completed work on our flagship Insight Hub innovation suite. All whilst continuing business as usual and amalgamating two thriving office locations into one.

For us, the move from Bicester gave us a chance to bring Clearview’s two English offices (we also have a Glasgow office as well) together under one roof, enabling finance, marketing, sales and operations to work more closely with colleagues already in Milton Keynes. Not by coincidence, the location was reflective of our company vision as Milton Keynes is at the heart of smart transport innovation, ITS and future intelligent mobility.

A new head office and Insight Hub innovation suiteBasing ourselves from Milton Keynes presented us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the ITS industry with the creation of our new Insight Hub innovation suite. This interactive area not only provides a platform to showcase our Insight software platform and products but includes state-of-the-art facilities for internal, external and industry membership meetings.

When Sir John Madejski brought together the companies of Astucia, Count on Us and Golden River to form Clearview Traffic in the early noughties there was the vision to help improve road safety across the UK. The change of the company name to Clearview Intelligence in 2016 reflected the changing industry focus of using information and data in an intelligent way to help both safety and other aspects of travel.

It’s this intelligent future that excites us and initiatives such as the creation of the Insight Hub also reflect that our commitment to this.

It’s no longer enough to talk about our plans for the future and how they will work; we can show them utilising the same foresight and technology we use to deliver solutions now. The new Insight Hub is a centre of excellence that can demonstrate the scope of innovative solutions we offer, from route safety, network management through to parking, journey time and enhanced delineation.

A new head office and Insight Hub innovation suiteCoupled with our adjoining meeting area, the Hub showcases our applications in state-of-the-art facilities comprising the latest audio/ visual technology. Not only does this benefit us but can be used by industry partners and membership organisations who can use the flexible space to host events, breakfast meetings and networking functions.

By sharing this space, we can fulfil our other ambition; strengthening and building new relationships with partners to enhance opportunities for collaborative working. This was recently the case when we hosted a meeting for all of our DBFO clients, sharing the latest thinking and facilitating networking across the various companies in attendance.

With network demand increasing, CAV implementation approaching and technology solutions advancing, it has never been more important for organisations to work together to fulfil the needs of operators and drivers.

For more than 45 years Clearview Intelligence has been making journeys work. With our relocation to Milton Keynes, new Insight Hub and commitment to collaborative working we are continuing to make journeys work both now and in the future.

If you would like to learn more about the Insight Hub and if it can support one of your events please contact

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