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Clearview Intelligence named among winners at this year’s LCRIG Innovation Festival


Clearview Intelligence wins the Retroreflectivity category at the LCRIG Innovation Festival with their latest ClickLite Active Road Stud.

Earlier this month, the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) hosted an Innovation Festival, the first of its kind for the highways sector. The event, which was held to ‘make a case for innovation’, brought local authorities, central government, the supply chain, associations, and academia together with several authorities committing to making their road networks available for trials along with funding for qualifying innovators who participate in the event.

Clearview Intelligence is proud to be the winner of the Retroreflectivity category and looks forward to working with LCRIG to further develop the ClickLite Active Road Stud solution either through funding to develop or the facilitation of a product trial on a local authority network.

ClickLite is Clearview’s latest flexible Active Road stud that can be installed within a metal shoe body. The stud mechanically locks into a standard P09 casing with a clip insert making them easily replaceable and the metal shoe provides an extra layer of protection to the stud, making it more durable and robust for in road environments. Due to its flexibility, the stud can be installed in existing schemes where the shoe has already been installed. As the concept becomes more widely adopted, we believe it can be applied to all types of road studs

Alastair King, Head of Product, commented “Following the successful run of the first ever LCRIG innovation festival, being named winners of the Retroreflectivity category is the cherry on top. Despite our challenges, we have successfully developed our ClickLite product over the last three years. For the stud to already be recognised as an ‘award-winner’ validates our ongoing team effort to maximise product performance. Both myself and the rest of the ClickLite development team are grateful for this industry recognition and look forward to sharing more news about our development successes in days to come.”

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