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Case Studies

Reduced congestion at the Hindhead Tunnel

In 2010, Clearview Intelligence installed 868 Hardwired Bi-Directional Road Studs in the Hindhead Tunnel, Surrey - a project commenced by the Highways Agency in 2007 to remove a major source of congestion around the A3/A287 junction


The A3 trunk road is a major highway between London and Portsmouth on England’s south coast with an average of 28,400 vehicles passing through the road each day. To ease congestion and enhance road safety on this busy route, the Highways Agency implemented a 6.5km dual two-lane highway scheme at Hindhead in Surrey.

The scheme, costing £371 million, includes a 1.8km twin-bore tunnel which removes the trunk road from Hindhead village and from the Devil’s Punchbowl.

The Devil’s Punchbowl is a famous National Trust preservation site of natural beauty, which will benefit from the closure thanks to reduced pollution and noise levels. The project intends to make journeys quicker and safer and also aims to remove much of the present peak time ‘rat-race’ traffic from country roads around Hindhead. The project commenced in 2007 with the tunnel being dug the following year.


In October 2010, Clearview Intelligence successfully installed 868 Hardwired Bidirectional studs split equally between the 2 tunnel bores. Each bore has 2 lanes and there are 64 independent strings and 36 controllers. The Bidirectional road studs have been developed with a shallower profile and are positioned every 4.5 metres between the white central line markings.

On July 27th 2011, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond set the wheels in motion when he declared the tunnel officially open. Motorists benefit from ultra bright adaptive lights, emitting a full 360 degrees of illumination when switched from Unidirectional to Bidirectional delineation when in contraflow mode.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker, smoother journeys
  • Reduced congestion, road rage,and collision potential
  • Brighter, more clearly defined path of light guiding motorists through the tunnel
  • Preserving Devil’s Punchbowl — a famous National Trust preservation site and Areas Of Natural Beauty (AONB)
  • Road studs provide full 360 degrees of illumination


This new road will transform journeys on the A3 - improving journey times by around 20 minutes or more at busy periods - and will deliver a threefold return on investment for the economy

Philip Hammond
Transport Secretary

IRS2 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs

Offering over 1,000m of sharp, defined delineation during the day and after dark, the IRS2 intelligent road studs are customisable, highly visible in-road lighting systems that increase lane discipline, reducing accidents and collisions at roundabouts, road intersections, crossings, crosswalks, bus interchanges, railway crossings and tunnels.