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Case Studies

Improving road safety on the N236 Fauna Passage

Clearview Intelligence IRS1 studs prove financially and environmentally sound in key nature area


The Province of Noord in Holland was looking for a solution to improve road safety on the N236, an area renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding wildlife that populates this region.

The N236 Fauna Passage was constructed in order to make this link possible as home to game, fish and other animals that migrate between the two nature areas separated by the N236, making it an environmental hotspot. Installing conventional street lighting was not an option due to the unwelcome light pollution, interference and disruption it would have caused to the natural habitat for its local wildlife inhabitants.

The IRS1 hardwired intelligent road studs were selected as the best solution for providing the road safety benefits required whilst being sensitive to the environmental considerations that were so imperative to the overall success of this project.


The installation of 159 Clearview Intelligence IRS1 hardwired road studs was the perfect remedy between ultimately providing improved traffic safety in this area whilst maintaining an optimal living environment for the local wildlife.

By minimising light emissions and keeping power consumption low, the IRS1 solution ensured and encouraged continued movement of wildlife respecting the natural darkness in a way that would not have been possible using conventional street lights.

Most importantly this also reduced costs on electricity bills in the process making it a highly competitive and cost effective solution with great benefits for the Province both financially and environmentally.

Key Benefits

  • Fit within existing road infrastructure, minimising physical encroachment into surrounding environment
  • Minimise local light pollution compared to street lighting, respecting the natural darkness of the local wildlife habitat
  • Highly visible traffic calming contribution to road safety in important environmental hotspot
  • Particularly effective at highlighting road layout changes in poor weather conditions
  • Significantly lower installation and lifetime operating costs than street lighting

IRS2 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs

Offering over 1,000m of sharp, defined delineation during the day and after dark, the IRS2 intelligent road studs are customisable, highly visible in-road lighting systems that increase lane discipline, reducing accidents and collisions at roundabouts, road intersections, crossings, crosswalks, bus interchanges, railway crossings and tunnels.