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Re-lighting the cycle route – the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

Cambridgeshire County Council, in partnership with Milestone Infrastructure decided that all studs should be fully renewed.


The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway (also known as the
Cambridge-Huntingdon Rapid Transit Scheme) connects
Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Ives. At 25km it is the longest
track of its kind in the world.
The busway was opened in August 2011 as part of the
Cambridge Gateway Project, designed to improve bus, cycle
and pedestrian access to Cambridge railway station by
offering a viable alternative to the congested A14 road.
Running alongside the busway is a wide cycle path
which connects St Ives with the north of Cambridge, and
Cambridge Rail Station with Trumpington Park & Ride and
Addenbrooke’s Hospital. The cycle path can also be used by
pedestrians and partly as a bridleway
At this time Cambridgeshire County Council recommended
that the cycle path required night time route delineation to
help users clearly see the path edges, both on the outside
edge of the path and adjacent to the bus guidance tracks.
Given the rural nature of much of the route, there was a
wish to avoid excessive reliance on overhead lighting which
necessitates additional street furniture and contributes to
light pollution. There was also a need to avoid the costs of
tunnelling and the intrusive disturbance of laying electric
cables along the route.


In 2013 Clearview Intelligence worked with Cambridgeshire
County Council to design a lighting solution that provided
cyclists and pedestrians with clear delineation between the
cycle path and the busway tracks.
SolarLite Active Road Studs were the perfect solution as
they provide lower levels of illumination than overhead lights
whilst having much less impact on light pollution and on
nocturnal wildlife than traditional lighting.
SolarLite Active Road Studs were installed all along the
northern section of the busway from the Cambridge Science
Park towards St Ives. The studs were installed at 20 metre
intervals on either side of the path.
2023 – Re-lighting
Ten years on, some of the solar road studs needed changing,
having lasted for 25% longer than their original design life.
Cambridgeshire County Council, in partnership with Milestone
Infrastructure, decided that instead of just replacing those it
was decided that all of them should be fully renewed in one
Cambridgeshire County Council, in partnership with Milestone
Infrastructure, decided that re-installation and re-lighting of
the cycle route was essential. This is testament to the huge
success of the original scheme and overall longevity of the
solar studs.
Clearview have just completed renewal of the solar studs
along the cycle route with red studs placed at junctions of
certain inter-sections – warning the cyclist or pedestrian
where there may be a potential hazard, such as a crossing.

Key Benefits

  • Safety – clear delineation of the cycle path edges protects cyclists and other users from straying onto the busway
  • Environmentally friendly – reliable source of light all year round without adversly impacting on local light pollution levels
  • Sustainability – totally sustainable harnessing free solar energy

SolarLite Flush

Smart, safe and sustainable solar powered road studs, proven to increase night time road safety. Providing a view of the road layout ahead in the driver's natural line of vision and well beyond the headlight beam of a vehicle.