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Case Studies

Malmö Cycle Path with SolarLite Road Studs

Clearview Intelligence SolarLite Road Studs are being successfully used all over the world for cycle path installations, increasing visibility in areas where extensive street lighting is not possible or cost effective to install.


In 2009 a Clearview installation project was completed in Malmö, Sweden, on a scarcely lit cycle path which was experiencing dramatically reduced cyclist usage due to crime in hours of restricted light. Due to the reduced volume of people in the vicinity this has led to a developing downward spiral with more crimes being committed. It was decided that action should be taken to aid regeneration of the area and increase usage of the path.


Clearviews Swedish partner Amparo Solutions AB installed 200 SolarLite embedded studs in conjunction with fitting an increased number of light points on the path.

The brightly lit SolarLite road studs give the cyclist clearer visibility of their route ahead for up to a kilometre in distance. This provided cyclists with significantly more awareness of approaching hazards they may face such as kerbs, gateways, junctions with roads, surface undulations and numerous other hazards that occur in both urban and rural areas.

SolarLite Active Road Studs utilise ‘green’ free solar energy to charge the road studs during daylight hours and automatically illuminate during the hours of darkness. The flush profile of the SolarLite stud being less than 4mm ensures that they are unobtrusive and bicycle wheel, walker and wheelchair friendly whilst being highly visible at night.

Just a few hours of clear daylight will provide enough battery power for up to 10 days, more than enough to ensure that the road studs work effectively even in winter where daylight hours are significantly reduced.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically increased visibility for pedestrians
  • Increased number of cyclists and pedestrians using the path
  • Regeneration of public confidence in the area due to a reduction in crime.

SolarLite Flush

Smart, safe and sustainable solar powered road studs, proven to increase night time road safety. Providing a view of the road layout ahead in the driver's natural line of vision and well beyond the headlight beam of a vehicle.