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Case Studies

Stanley & Consett Bus Stations

M100BR installation keeps bus station customers safe and warm in the North East of England.


A leading specialist in the design of automatic door and access control systems were looking for a partner to assist in the development of a new solution to keep passengers safe and warm inside two newly renovated bus stations located in Consett and Stanley, County Durham.

Controlling access to the individual bus departure bays was critical to prevent passengers from wandering into the path of moving vehicles, whilst also minimising unnecessary heat loss from the stations, reducing heating costs as well as keeping passengers safe, warm and comfortable inside.

Access to the bus departure bays needed to be controlled via door-mounted motion sensor systems, which are only activated when the presence of a bus has been detected in the respective bay. The project required a vehicle detection system that would seamlessly integrate with the motion sensor system and be able to trigger activation as a bus appeared in the bay.


Following simple tests to assure integration with the motion sensor system, the Clearview Intelligence M100BR system was selected and deployed at both bus stations. Quick and easy to install, the M100BR system will operate for up to 10 years without needing to replace the sensors.

In place of inductive loops, the M100BR system utilises a wide band micro-radar sensor located in each of the bus departure bays to detect the prolonged presence of a bus in the bay and relays this vehicle presence information back to the motion sensor control system for the door operation via wireless radio technology.

In using wireless technology the installation and daily operation did not require any unsightly street furniture or additional construction work that would tarnish the revitalised, smart appearance that the refurbished stations had now achieved. As a result of its successful trial, the installation now covers a total of 19 departure bays across two bus stations in County Durham and has been in live operation since just before Christmas 2013.

The project has been a great success and proved a fruitful integration between two entirely separate state-of-the-art technology systems.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Ready integration between two entirely separate state-of-the-art technologies
  • Versatility of product versus traditional detection solutions
  • Quick and easy to install with minimal disruption
  • Ability to detect prolonged and variable presence of a bus over differing time periods
  • More cost effective than traditional inductive loops – no unsightly loop tails or slot cutting required
  • Vandalism proof

M100BR Radar Bicycle Detector

The M100BR Bicycle Radar Detector has been designed to uniquely detect the presence of a bicycle within a defined zone and differentiate it from other forms of traffic. The M100BR works in conjunction with the M100 wireless vehicle detection system.