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Romford Railway Station Platform Delineation

Blue solar powered lighting studs were installed on the platform edge in Romford railway station in a trial to understand the effectiveness of using blue lighting to reduce incidents and anti-social behaviour at railway stations. The studs have the added benefit of enhancing the delineation of the platform edge.


As part of the Fatality Management programme, the National Rail Route Crime Team are always looking at effective ways to enhance safety and to reduce the risk of incidents on the station platforms. Romford Railway Station had seen several incidents and interventions, and the Great Eastern (GE) inner area was proving to be the worst section on the Anglia route resulting in an initiative called Mid Platform Fencing (MPF) being introduced at 9 stations. Due to stopping trains at Romford the installation of MPF could not be permitted and with the location being one of the highest incident routes in the area alternative solutions were urgently required to improve safety.

A research programme from Japan was passed onto the Route Crime Team which indicated that ‘Blue Lighting’ may have a calming effect on persons in distress as well as connotations to authority. Also, the research had shown that ‘Blue Lighting’ has some effect on antisocial behaviour, another issue that Romford Station has experienced over the years. As other stations such as Gatwick had installed blue lighting and seen reductions in incidents and anti-social behaviour the team decided that a blue lighting system should be trialled as a substitute of MPF for Romford.

Unfortunately, upon investigation, the lighting system had to be dismissed due to concerns over sitings and maintenance. As an alternative to overhead lighting the team then considered ground level lights, as other research had indicated that persons in distress spend time looking down at the platform floor.


The team contacted Clearview Intelligence who had previously undertaken work in Scotland installing blue SolarLite Surface Studs to delineate platform edges at various level crossings.

After discussions, it was decided that the best solution was the SolarLite Platform Stud in blue. These provide uni-directional delineation lighting to give rail passengers an enhanced guide to the platform edge whilst not being visible to oncoming trains. They work in all weather conditions and have the blue light effect sought to reduce the risk of incidents on the platforms.

The project was installed and completed over 9 consecutive nights causing minimum disruption to the station and daytime commuters. A total of 160 studs were deployed at 2-metre intervals, sited just before the yellow danger line on both sides of the platform edge producing the effect of delineation for passengers.

Andy Ward & Adam Purse – Route Crime Team, Greater Anglia, Network Rail commented “The ‘Romford’ slip resistant blue stud deployment was a project and idea that no other route had trialled. Although other routes had trialled blue lighting and some had been installed at platform ends and crossings, no one had deployed into the platform surface or across a platform. Installing the blue studs into the platform seemed a great idea because of the research we had done. Currently, after 3 months of installation, figures show there has been a reduction in anti-social behaviour, we have had no fatalities and had only one intervention.”

Key Benefits

  • Installed within existing platform surface with no need for infrastructure changes
  • Solar powered studs means no need for mains power
  • Highly visible in all weather conditions
  • Slip resistant surface studs are suitable for pedestrian use
  • Provides clear and effective delineation of platform edges
  • Reduces instances of passengers stepping over and or missing the platform edges
  • Reduction in the costs and network delays associated with passenger and train incidents
  • No sideways light loss, preventing distraction to train drivers when used on platform edges


A progressive approach to a difficult problem, that will assist in keeping our customers away from the platform edge.

Tim Ramskill
Crime Reduction Officer
British Transport Police

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